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Call for paper – Optional Conference 2015
Helyszín: Budapest
Szervező: IIR Magyarország

Cím: 1134 Budapest, Rózsafa u. 13. Klapka Irodaház.
E-mail cím:
Telefon: 1/4597334

Telefax: 1/4597301

We are happy to inform you that due to the success of the first international Agile Management conference in Hungary, Optional Conference 2014; IIR Hungary and Sprint Consulting are organizing the next event in the series on 24-25 March, 2015 in Budapest, Hungary.

The aim of the conference is to provide the members of the business world with an opportunity to exchange experiences, discover new trends, practices and western precedents, and get to know the keys of the success of start-up companies.

Agile management not just for managers

“All businesses have costs. Waste is optional.” - Stephen Parry

If you work in an Agile environment, and have valuable hands-on experience to share, do sign up now as a speaker at Optional Conference 2015 to support change in the world of management.

List of focus areas for the conference:

· Agile vs. traditional management

· How to reach an agile mindset

· Agile human resource management

· Agile on international / distributed projects

· Implementing agile in strict waterfall organizations

· Setting up optimal feedback channels

· Customer satisfaction, customer involvement

· Agile contracting

· Scrum / Kanban / XP

· Radical Management

· Management 3.0

· Scaling Agile

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