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20th Jubilee Canadian Lobster Dinner
Helyszín: Intercontinental Budapest (1052 Budapest, Apáczai Csere János u. 12-14.)

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  • The Lobster Dinner was the most successful ever and exceeded the results of previous years. This year we expect around 500 guests from the Hungarian diplomatic and business elite.
  • The Lobster Dinner has become one of the most prestigeous high life events of the autumn, but 20 years ago it has originally started as a friendly gathering of Canadian Hungarians driven by the love towards this valuable seafood.
  • In Canada, lobster stocks are most abundant in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence and in the coastal and offshore waters off southwest Nova Scotia. The lobster served at our dinner comes….
  • Traditionally, theese suppers took root in the ancient times as events held in church basements, in which parishioners would bring a covered hot dish to share and the curch would provide a lobster. Everyone would contribute some money, and the curch would net a few dollars. Eventually, the fame of the dinners spread, and today several establishments offer theese bountiful lobster dinners
  • Lobster is Canada’s most valuable seafood export, representing as much as $1 billion in export sales annually. More than 59 countries from all corners of the globe enjoy lobster harvested in Canadian waters.
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